Behind the Greenery

Our Facility

Where Magic Begins

At Vivian Lithops Garden, we are committed to cultivating plants through the most ethical and sustainable methods. Operating from our 50,000 square foot greenhouse in Shanghai, our team of 50 professionals is dedicated to propagation, care, and customer service.

Our Team of Experts

Our Horticultural Heroes

Over 50 passionate horticulturalists and botanical lovers staff our nursery. Each member brings precious expertise, especially regarding lithops and conophytums. Our specialists nurture these delicate plants with care and expertise.

Customizing Climate

Optimizing Conditions

Through careful climate zoning, automated temperature and ventilation controls, we craft ideal habitats within each greenhouse. This allows us to emulate natural growing areas worldwide and keep our plants content even on chilliest winter days.

Only the Best

Cultivating Perfection

At Vivian Lithops Garden, we carefully curate all plants offered to customers. Before listing any plants, our experts rigorously select only the finest specimens displaying optimal color, size uniformity, structure and overall vigor.

Our Sustainable Promise

From Seed to Store

We propagate all plants ethically from seed at our nursery. This process allows us to cultivate rare succulents without disturbing natural areas. Our dedication to seed propagation protects delicate ecosystems while enriching collections.

A Catalogued Collection

The Root of Our Collection

Our seed bank is where new plant life begins. With rows of carefully labeled and organized drawers, we maintain a vast genetic diversity. Each batch is precisely stored, labeled and monitored to guarantee maximized viability for plantings and sales to come.
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